Cordell Calculator

    This calculator estimates the rebuild cost of your home.

    By providing general information about your home, the calculator will provide an estimated rebuild cost, including an allowance for demolition, debris removal, professional fees, compliance costs and GST.

    The Cordell Calculator calculates estimated rebuild costs based on NZ construction industry information. It is important that you understand that the rebuild figure presented at the end of the calculator will be dependent on the information you have provided.

    The Cordell Calculator is an independent online calculator. Information entered by you is not captured by or shared with your insurer. It should take between 5 - 10 minutes to complete. You will be able to print and/or save a copy of the report when you have completed the calculator.

    Click on the Help icon symbol if you need help. This will open in a new window and provide you with more information about the question and available answers. This may help you understand and answer the question accurately.


    This calculator is provided by Cordell Information Pty Ltd. It uses typical building replacement costs based on Cordell's research to provide an estimated typical building replacement cost.

    The cost of rebuilding your home will depend on the specific details of your home. If you want advice on the cost of rebuilding your home you need to contact a valuation or building professional.

    Your use of the Cordell calculator is authorised on the condition that Cordell Information Pty Ltd, Kiwibank Limited and TOWER Insurance Limited do not have any liability of any kind for, or arising from the use of, the Cordell calculator.

    This is general information and is not a recommendation, opinion or guidance on the sum insured that is appropriate for your circumstances. Nor does this information provide any advice or opinion on the extent or adequacy of the cover provided by sum insured insurance. This information is not personalised financial advice and does not take into account your particular situation. You must make your own decision on the sum insured that is appropriate for your circumstances.